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Ghosts and Ghosties have taken over the city! We need you to get poppin'! Match as many Ghosties as possible and POP them all, get a max combo, use special boosters, and save the city from from the Ghosties!

The city don't need no ghostbusters, they need a GHOST POPPER!

★ Enjoy endless Ghost Poppin' fun!
★ Get some Max Combo satisfaction for the High Score..
★ Use a Booster! Try the Proton Pop, Swap, Shuffle, & more!
★ Become the Grand Master Popper and complete all Achievements.

The Ghosties can't be busted, trapped, or slimed and they're piling up quick, so you better get Popping now!

And remember….

If there's something odd,
And it don't look okay,

Who ya gonna call upon?


GhostPoppers.apk 27 MB